Contact lenses for presbyopia

Contact lenses for presbyopia

Choosing the best contact lenses

As we mature, so does our lens. It becomes less flexible, making it more difficult to focus up close. When we hit 40 this starts to become a problem. Many people in the past have been forced to leave their contact lenses behind as they become presbyopic.

New technology allows us at Lidkea Optometry to fit you with custom lenses that will offer clear distance vision and near vision simultaneously. There is no need to move to glasses when your near vision becomes difficult. Using a progressive rigid design by WAVE you can remain in contacts.
These rigid contact lenses offer the very best in comfort and vision. The lenses usually have a much better adaptation than progressive lenses for glasses. The vision is natural and instinctive, as you shift your vision the contact is already in the right position for you to see at the appropriate distance.

Catch the wawe

A revolutionary process of free form computer aided design, introduced by WAVE, greatly improves the flexibility and customization of rigid lenses. The Scout Topographer takes up to 14,000 data points on the eye and inputs it into a computer aided design software module. This allows adjustment to be made to the contact lens down to the micron. Using this method allows the doctor to create a custom lens that is specific for the shape of your eye. You can see from the illustration below that the edge of the lens sits much closer to the eye because it was shaped specifically for your eye.
The WAVE contact lens system can be used to create orthokeratology lenses, bifocals, keratoconic lenses, lenses for astigmatism and much more. People who never thought they could wear lenses can find a solution with WAVE rigid contact lenses.

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