Facilities and Equipment

State of art equipment

Humphrey Visual Field Analyser for Glaucoma detection subtle losses of peripheral vision can indicate the development of optic nerve damage such as glaucoma or can even pick up neurological problems, such as brain tumours or stroke.

Non-Contact Tonometry
This instrument uses a very light puff of air to measure the intraocular pressure in the eyes (IOP). Higher than normal IOPs may indicate an individual has or is at a greater risk of developing glaucoma. Your optometrist will use this and other information gathered during the course of the eye examination to help in the diagnosis of glaucoma.

Applination Tonometry (Tonopen and Goldmann) non’puff’ glaucoma test for internal eye pressures

Digital Imaging Retinal Camera
This instrument will photograph  a 45 degree field of the back of the eye, or retina. This permanent photographic record will be added to your file and can help in tracking changes in the appearance of the back of the eye. During your eye examination, your optometrist will show you your photographs, which may capture signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye diseases.

Optical Pachymeter to measure corneal thickness
Measurement of corneal thickness is one of the tests required to determine if glaucoma is present.

Scout Corneal Mapping Instrument (Corneal Topographer) for the custom design of soft and gas permeable contact lenses for difficult to fit conditions.

Zeiss Stratus OCT for the early detection of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and other Retinal Disease

Plusoptix pediatric evaluation system --> See Video on Youtube

OPTOS wide field retinal exam --> See Optomap section
The Optomap Retinal Scanner is now an integral part of our eye health assessment, providing us with an unprecedented panoramic view of the back of the eye. This technology allows us to detect eye diseases at earlier stages, diagnose conditions more easily, review the images immediately with patients, email them directly to specialists when making referrals and keep a permanent copy to allow us to follow the progression of eye disease. The Optomap exam is fast, easy, comfortable and safe.Click here to learn more about this exciting technology and see actual Optomap images..

Huvitz wavefront abberometry     

Lens lab
We have an in office lab. If you need your glasses ASAP, let us know. We can make many lenses in our office without ordering from an outside laboratory.

This instrument allows our trained technicians to accurately measure the prescription in your glasses. We are then able to inform you of any changes from your current prescription at the end of the eye examination and ensure your new glasses are made exactly to the optometrist's recommendations for your spectacle prescription.

Lidkea Optometry is completely wheel chair accessible and child friendly.