What is the Optomap? Why do I need an Optomap?

The Optomap is the latest technology for evaluating internal eye disease. It provides the doctor with the most detailed view of the inside of the eye. It also allows for earlier detection of any retinal disease and for eye signs of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer. It also records a permanent digital record of your internal eye health so the doctor can compare even any small changes to eye health.

Optomap technologyThe Optomap procedure takes minutes to perform, It is fast, painless and comfortable for patients. We have performed the Optomap on patients of all ages. In most cases, performing the Optomap will eliminate the need for uncomfortable pupil dilation.

Our doctors are committed to incorporating the newest technologies available-currently there are only two optometry practices in The Kenora-Rainy River District with the OPTOMAP technology.
The Optomap represents the highest standard of eye health testing and feel all our patients deserve the best eye care available. That is why this testing has become our standard of care in every eye exam.

What Do Other Medical Professionals say about Optomap?

The Optos proprietary ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology lets you see more retina…easier.   The Optos digital image provides an unprecedented 200° view that enables practitioners to more effectively detect, monitor and promote patient health.

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